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Church Finder is a simple to use website designed to assist you locate a church in your area. There are many reasons why people are searching for churches located near them. Some people want to connect with churches in their area, some want to find a church to be married in, some are have recently moved and others want to locate their local church as they are away on holidays and want to visit a church in the area. Whatever your reason to locate a church, Church Finder is the way to go.

Click on the church finder logo in the top right hand corner of any page. This will take you to the “Find My Church” tab.
Here you can search by name, address, or postcode. Please remember to gain the maximum number of results to leave as many search fields blank as you can and use these only to refine your results.

Once you have entered the details press the button Find My Church Now! button.

This will now bring up a list of the 75 churches closest in distance to your search. Scroll down below the map and the listings are arranged in order by distance from your search. If the search field has not expanded enough to gain the right number of churches then you can change the within 25km radius to a larger number. However the results will always be limited to 75. If you expand the search area, you can then look through the map to see where the churches are and click on a Blue or Red pointer to gain more information about each church.
If you want to limit your search to a denomination such as Anglican or Catholic, you can insert this in name field, however if the church is not called by their denomination, this will actually eliminate them from the search. For example “All Saints” could be an Anglican church in your area. By typing in “All Saints Anglican” you will not be able to find this church as it is simply called “All Saints” and the database cannot find a church by the name “All Saints Anglican”.
When you see a Red pointer instead of a Blue pointer, this highlights the church as a paid “Deluxe” listing. When you press on the details of that church you will see a lot more information than a standard free listing.

Follow these simple steps to try your first search for a church in your area. Let’s say you wanted to find a church in Penrith NSW 2750.

Open Church Finder in a new browser

Click on the LOGO on the top right hand corner, this takes you to the page “Find My Church”

In the Field Address and/or Post Code type 2750
NB, there are 2 Penrith’s in Australia, and a postcode search is the cleanest.

Click on the FIND MY CHURCH NOW! button
You will now see the map is populated with all the churches with 25km of Penrith NSW

Scroll down past the map to see a list of Churches you have located in the Penrith area.

Here you will also see a Red pointer attached to Church Of The Rock. Press the Red Pointer.
This will take you back to the map where you will see the short details of Church Of The Rock

Press Click for Details within this pop-up box. This will automatically open a new tab with Church of The Rock details in full. From this page you can read all about the church send an email or visit their website.

When you are finished you may close this tab.

Going back to the original tab, you can now search the map to find more churches in your area.

Remember if you were searching in a country town to increase the search filed from 25km to ensure you get the closest 75 churches.

You can double click on the map to zoom in or slide the zoom bar on the left of the map. As this feature is directly form google maps you can even walk along the street to see what the church look like form the street.

If you have any questions about using Church Finder, please send us am email or give us a call on 0423 515 899 or 0414 297 598.

Enjoy looking around!
Paul & Robin Hutchinson

Church Finder is the site you need to find your local church. If you looking for an Anglican church in your town, come to Church Finder. if your looking for a Catholic church close to home then Church Finder is the answer. Anybody looking for a church in their area will be able to use Its the easy to use website designed to help locate churches in any city or town in Australia. For example, if you want to find all the churches in Sydney NSW 2000, then its a simple matter of typing in the suburb “Sydney”  and Church Finder will do the rest. All searches are limited to 75 churches, so you will need to refine your search by listing the suburb closer to your home. You may have wanted churches in Parramatta, so change the suburb to Parramatta and press the “Find my church now!” button. You can do thsi for any city or town throughout Australia.